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Hackney Housing Group (LCAP) Hungry for Housing event reportbacks

Hungry for Housing 9/4/10

On Friday 9 April the Housing Group held a fast outside Hackney Town Hall to highlight our campaign and show that we are so desperate for decent housing we will all go on hunger strike! 10 members of the Housing Group fasted with other LCAP members supporting us.

Everybody had a really enjoyable day! We had fun with face painting for the kids and we had a big art project to paint the houses you would like to live in a Happy Hackney! A huge long roll of paper became an imaginary communal street with tree houses, tipis, boats palaces and even a Sudanese hut! It was a really good bold and visual way to show Hackney, that we are really serious about our aim of getting the Council Draft Housing Strategy re written to prioritise social housing not market solutions.

We broke our fast at 6pm with delicious curries made by members of the housing group and were so pleased how many people came and joined us!

London Coalition Against Poverty has a really strong and active Housing Group. We are all currently in Temporary Accommodation Hostels or homeless or precariously housed. We have been campaigning with these demands we have made to Hackney Council.

1. An end to Gatekeeping by the Council.

2. Dignity for survivors of domestic violence.

3. Hackney Council need to make Temporary Accommodation Temporary not leave us on hold for years.

4. An end to extortionate rents and service charges for hostel residents.

5. Conditions in Hostels to improve dramatically.

6. Hackney needs to use existing empty homes for people rather than profit.

7. The Hackney Draft Housing Strategy to prioritise social housing not market solutions.

We would really appreciate the support of other local groups in signing our demands. Please contact LCAP Housing group on 07931698438. We look forward to hearing from you!

Hackney Housing Group meets every second Saturday at Navarino Mansions in Dalston Lane at 12 pm. The next meeting is 24th of April then 8th May. We support each other in our housing difficulties and share resources and information and have had great success in supporting each other to get housed.

Please see or call the LCAP Housing Mobile on 07931698438


Theres a really good story in the Hackney Gazette -

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East London Lines have a housing week going which features the housing
group protest, interviews with housing group members and a video of
Andrew Boff - conservative candidate for Mayor of Hackney saying "I
admire the LCAP campaign as it shows up the real housing situation".
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BBC news came but I'm not sure they put anything on.

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Report on the LCAP website coming soon...

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