Defense against false child sex offense accusations in Texas

A 1987 study have concluded that only around 1 to 3% of child sex offense allegations are false, which have become a strong standpoint on the stigma that children can’t fabricate such accusations. And that’s despite of the compelling facts that say otherwise. Thus, people wrongfully accused of child sex offense in Texas should seek the best sex crimes attorney Houston has today, to help defend their innocence.

Effects of false child accusations to a person and defending one’s self from it

Child Help, a group advocating for the prevention and treatment of child abuse, have stated that there are around 3 million reports of child abuse annually; with 7.6% or 226,000 being sexual abuse. And around 3% or 7,000 of such sexual abuse allegations are false.

Combined with the Registered Child Offender list system, being falsely accused of such claim brings serious effects to an individual in Texas, which makes it important to seek defense from a Houston sex crimes attorney that they trust. Some of such effects are:

  • Wrongful incarceration, which robs freedom away from an individual for many years;
  • Difficult life behind bars, including abuse from other prisoners because they are labeled as a child sex offender; Inmates usually sympathize with child sexual offense victims, expressing their wraths to accused sex offenders through physical abuse, and;
  • Being plastered on the list of Registered Sex Offender in Texas. This includes the name, photograph, address, and sexual offense case among other vital info about the person. That imposes the sex offender stigma on an individual, which undeniably affects the lifestyle, employment and livelihood among other problems.

Thus, accused individuals should immediately find reliable sex crimes attorneys in Houston to help defend their innocence. Remember that it’s important to start the defense as early as possible, to avoid the filing of charges against the accused.

How could a sex crime defense attorney help you?

Availing the services of the best sex crimes attorney Houston has today can deliver the following assistance:

  • Accused people have defense lawyers to help presume their innocence throughout the duration of the case. This includes hearing their side of the story and potentially predicting the moves of the other party for a successful defense.
  • Doing immediate actions to stop the prosecution from filing charges, thereby avoiding the case to begin on court. This helps them avoid being labeled a sex offender as well.
  • If the prosecution succeeds on filing charges, professional sex crime defense attorneys can represent the accused on court to avoid conviction and penalties. Moreover, a Houston child sex crimes lawyer could also move for case appeals and paroles on given instances.
  • Upon proving the wrongful conviction or incarceration of an individual, the accused shall receive cash compensation for each year spent behind bars.

Child sex offense is a serious and sensitive matter, but wrongful accusation of such offense to an innocent individual is something that couldn’t be ignored as well. If you, or someone you know are being accused of child sex offense in Houston, contact the best sex crimes attorney Houston has for a reliable defense.

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