Your short but comprehensive guide to business recycling


You’ve been planning to implement a recycling programme for your business. However, you have no clue about it. Should you just buy waste bins and eco bin liners and then make do along the way?

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Recycling in the workplace is crucial. Therefore, you shouldn’t implement a recycling programme without knowing the fundamentals.

Read this short guide about business recycling so you won’t be clueless.

What is business recycling?

Business recycling can involve a series of short and long-term waste management practices in the workplace. From educating employees down to implementation using high-quality waste bins, it aims to:

Lessen the waste production of your workplace
Improve your employees’ waste management habits
Involve you in attainable recycling agendas in your locality
Adhere to your city’s regulatory requirements
Contribute to saving space in landfills
Protect nature, in general

How can recycling programmes help you at a business level?

1. Help you save money – If you learn the right ways to manage your waste, you can eventually reduce the budget for waste management. Less waste means less budget for managing it. Besides, recycling doesn’t have to be pricey or complex—several bins and eco bin liners don’t cost a fortune.

2. Boost your staff members’ morale – Knowing that their employer is participating in greener schemes, your employees will feel better about being a part of your company. They will be motivated, knowing that they’re all working toward a morally uplifting goal.

3. Cultivate trust with your customers – Don’t just generate leads without having something impressive to present, such as green initiatives in your company. Clients will be more relaxed in doing business with an organisation that’s responsible and socially aware.

4. Make it easy for you to attain green credentials – The Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science of Australia provides federal awards to businesses who green their operations. Other authoritative bodies that provide recognitions are the National Carbon Offset Standard, the Banksia Foundation, and the United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Day Awards.

5. Establish accountability in your employees – By just purchasing individual bins with eco bin liners, your team members can practise taking accountability for their recycling actions. For instance, you can track their recycling habits every month and give incentives to those who were participating.

Tips for starting a recycling programme in your office

1. Survey your workplace. Find out the types of waste your company generates. Determine what can be recycled and what can be disposed of. For faster results, you can hire an environmental manager or a business recycling company to do this. See more here eco bin liners

2. Develop a recycling programme that suits your office. Based on your initial assessment, create a recycling programme that aims to solve the primary issues in your workplace.

3. Increase awareness and participation. Involve and educate your staff members. Distribute engaging materials about your recycling programme, so they can participate better in it.

4. Introduce your recycling programme and tools. While educating them, you can slowly orient them about the programme. Always remind them why they’re doing this, so they won’t flake later on.

5. Continuously evaluate your programme. Did the programme significantly reduce your waste management budget? Did you notice some behavioural changes in your employees? If it didn’t give you the results you desired, don’t hesitate to make some changes.

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